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Above the Suburbs, Winter 2009.

Incidentally, you must at least look through Joel Meyerowitz' new book, "Legacy". Its an amazing collection of photographs of NYC parks. Joel was given the chance through the City of New York to create these large and medium format images. Its really quite beautiful as he makes it very difficult to believe the pictures were taken exclusively in New York. And I can vouch that there was no garbage or people photoshopped out of them! as I was a studio intern during the time Joel was working on this project. 10/10 book from one of the best guys. (Also, as with most visual art, its way better printed than it is on screen)

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Thwing St, Early 2009

From my increasing wildlife photography collection.

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The last time we drove down this road I worried that someone cut down all the growth from this telephone pole. Thankfully I got ahead of myself and a minute later, after the road had taken a bend, it was still there.

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Grassroots Festival, 2009.

Saw good music this summer in Trumansburg, NY at the 19th annual grassroots festival. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings decidedly owned.

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"I've got some money cause I just got paid"

Hello Blog Followers,
I'll take this opportunity to make a rare post with actual words. Anyone who is familiar with and/or listens to the Jersey City-based radio station WFMU/91.1 should know that they are in the midst of their annual fund drive. Now, anyone who knows me would also know that it is extremely difficult for me to part with what little money I have. That said, I have pledged some money to them this year, the largest pledge I've made in 3 years. If you or anyone you know appreciates this station, please consider tuning in and pledging a couple bucks.
One progam in particular, "The Best Show on WFMU" hosted by Tom Scharpling(Tuesdays 8-11pm) has been a 3 year passion/obsession of mine, the kind of thing that comes along that makes me wonder how I got along without it for so long.

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